Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

The fusion of horses and learning provide students with a fresh interactive approach to learning. Students will build confidence as they learn to work with horses while gaining higher level thinking skills in a variety of academic subject areas. The opportunity for a child to work with a horse is rewarding, so let us help to join these experiences, build confidence, and increase knowledge while having a unique learning experience.

 Ages: Kindergarten to 10th grade

· Reading: Phonetics, sentence structure, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar,  prefixes, and suffixes

· Math: Addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, physics

· Visual Expression: color theory, fibers, multimedia, photography, painting, drawing

1 Hour Private cost: $35

1 Hour Group cost: $25

Each student’s EAL session will be geared to their own comprehension level for subject and age. Younger students will incorporate  game type activities using manipulatives and horses, and will focus on word decoding, vocabulary building and word parts ( prefixes, suffixes, number of syllables, etc.). For older students, the time will be focused more intently on study tactics and higher level subject matter, and will allow for  working  on skills both in and out of the saddle. The “visual expression” subject group will consist of students of all ages and abilities focusing on using art techniques and creative problem solving through activities that focus on collaboration and team building. 

To schedule: 803-374-6255