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Sensory Trail


 These trails can be explored via horseback or by foot. On these trails, you will find a rich learning environment along a path that consists of slopes, turns, varied footing, natural sights and sounds, and man-made "sensory experiences." Therapeutic riding students will guide their horses along the sensory trail to challenge their balance, stimulate their senses and encourage them to interact with the world around them.  

Equine Assisted Learning



The fusion of horses and learning provide students with a fresh interactive approach to learning. Students will build confidence as they learn to work with horses while gaining higher level thinking skills in a variety of academic subject areas. The opportunity for a child to work with a horse is rewarding, so let us help to join these experiences, build confidence, and increase knowledge while having a unique learning experience.

From the Ground Up


 Equine Assisted Activities are therapeutic, equestrian skill-based lessons for children and adults. The focus of these lessons are skill development and progression while improving the student's physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social skills both on and off the horse.  

Farm Fit


Join us in our quest to get fit!   

A licensed personal trainer will  will have a detailed 

individual plan to help our participants each their goals. 

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